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It can be hard to find a selection of affordable, fine art Kesubos with a halachic text that you can trust.  That’s where Simcha Scribes can help.

With over 50 years of Kesubah experience between them, our dedicated team will help guide you to find a Kesubah that is just right for you.

Halachic Texts

Our Kesubos are created with a full understanding of the Aramaic Kesubah text and its requirements. Each Kesubah text can be adjusted down to the finest detail to suit the specifics of each couple, under the direction of their Rav. Each Kesubah is proofed with great attention to detail and a copy is sent to the Rav for final approval before the Kesubah is printed to order.

Unique Designs

Simcha Scribes’ exclusive Kesubah designs are created by hand by accomplished artists who have mastered their artistic techniques. Each Kesubah is an archival-quality, fine art print which is produced and hand-numbered specifically for you. Our Kesubahs are printed in limited editions of 433, the Gematria value of the word Kesubah.

From our historical reproductions of centuries-old Kesubos (from the permanent collection of the Sifria Ha-Leumit in Yerushalayim) to our intricate Papercut Kesubos; from our hand-gilded Gold Leaf Kesubos to our affordable Simcha Collection, we have a gorgeous, halachic Kesubah for your Chasuna.

Distinctive Styles for Varied Minhagim

In keeping with Hiddur Mitzvah, we offer you options to reflect your personal tradition such as: Full sized Art Kesubos that are suitable for framing; smaller Portfolio Kesubos that come in a rich leather portfolio for discreet storage or; a combination package that combines a Portfolio Kesubah for signing and safekeeping as well as an Art Kesubah (without signature lines) to display in the home.

We sincerely hope you will choose Simcha Scribes for your Kesubah, and we look forward to serving you.

The Simcha Scribes Family