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RCA approved Halachic text

All Simcha Scribes kesubos contain the RCA approved Halachic text. Since all of the kesubos are created per order we can certainly accommodate all variations of the Orthodox kesubah texts. Please let us know by phone or email what edits you require and we will have the artist create a proof for your review and approval before we proceed with the creation of your kesubah. Choose between a personalized text or an unpersonalized text that can be filled in with the couple's information.

Regel Left Off v'kanina

Personalized and unpersonalized texts can have the regel left off of "וקנינא"; please indicate this requirement when you enter your text details after your purchase has been processed (you will be sent a form to complete by email).

Unpersonalized Kesubos

Unpersonalized Kesubahs arrive with blank spaces to be filled in by hand. Below is a sample of unpersonalized text (left) and how it looks once it has been filled in by hand (right).