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Portfolio Kesubah

Our portfolio kesubah is the perfect addition to your special day. Your fine art limited edition print comes in a classic steel grey European leatherette portfolio. The word Kesubah in Hebrew is beautifully de-bossed on the front cover, creating a very elegant presentation. Four white ribbon corners hold the Kesubah securely in place. The Kesubah can be signed at the wedding while remaining in the folder for convenience and protection. Its petite size makes it the perfect option for storing this important document in any closet or even your night stand drawer and because we use the highest quality archival paper your kesubah will not fade over time.

Art Kesubah

The practice of illuminating the kesubah, of decorating it and making it pleasing to the eye, is mandated by the concept of hiddur mitzvah. Hiddur mitzvah is the principle that material objects used in the performance of halachic obligations be made beautiful. While decorative kesubos have become more popular in recent times, they have a long history. Having your strikingly beautiful, personalized piece of art hanging on your wall creates an effect that you, and everyone who sees it, will appreciate for years to come.Today’s couples are looking to canvas for a kesubah with a unique and striking fine art look. We are incredibly proud to offer our own exclusive line of kesubah designs that are available on canvas. The canvas is stretched by hand on a specially built frame in a style know as gallery wrap. A "gallery wrapped" canvas kesubah comes ready to hang complete with a wire at the back.

Canvas Kesubah

Our stretched canvas kesubos have a unique and striking fine art look. The colors are luminous and have a high gloss finish. The final art print has the look of an oil painting. Stretched canvas kesubos come stretched on a wooden frame- ready for hanging.

Portfolio Kesubah + Wall Art Package

Hanging your Kesubah on the wall vs. keeping it safe in a drawer - no need to choose! There is a long history of creating beautiful kesubos that were displayed especially among Sephardic and Italian Jews. The safekeeping of a kesubah is also of extreme importance and is required in the case of a couple ending a marriage, and so should always be in the safekeeping of the wife. In orde to keep shalom bayis, and to make sure everyone is happy we have created this combination package. The portfolio kesubah is your actual halachic document which is brought to the wedding and signed by the eidim. The wall art is a larger, exact copy of the portfolio kesubah without signature lines. This gorgeous piece of art can be hung in your living room, dining room or bedroom to remind each other of the commitments you made on your wedding day. When shipped the two items arrive in separate packages.